Cancer Research at the University of Essex

Trustees of Essex Cancer Research were inspired by a visit in early 2020 to the University’s School of Life Sciences; hosted by Dr Greg Brooke and faculty colleagues Drs Antonio Marco, Metodi Metodiev, Philippe Laissue, Vladimir Teif, Ralf Zwacka and Andrea Mohr.

The Trustees gained insight into research currently undertaken in the fields of ‘Cancer Genetics’, ‘Cancer Biomarkers and Proteomics’, ‘Cancer Cell Imaging’, ‘Liquid Biopsies for Cancer Detection’, and the ‘Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics’.

The University of Essex undertakes a remarkable breadth and depth of research. The open collaboration between separate fields of research is to be highly commended and has encouraged Essex Cancer Research to develop an association with Dr Brooke and his colleagues.

The Charity has accordingly extended an invitation to the University of Essex School of Life Sciences, to join the charity’s Medical Advisory Board.

Trustees are delighted that Dr Greg Brooke and Dr Andrea Mohr will be taking up these places.