Our Aim

Essex is a vibrant county with a population of well over a million people. It is served by a number of hospitals and many excellent healthcare professionals who are deeply invested in, and work together, providing services for people and their families facing the challenge of cancer. However, the county has remained without a dedicated charity focussed on supporting local clinicians to:

  • initiate and undertake cancer research, and to
  • improve access to cancer information for patients and their families needing to search for and through cancer information.

It is with this intention that Essex Cancer Research has been established.

Cancer centres and services in Essex have a history of robust participation in national and international clinical studies; however, local senior clinicians perceive that more needs to be done to widen local research opportunity access. Realistically, distance from London denies access for many wishing to become more involved in research; and there are known gaps in activity and limited access to early phase studies, where all standard and clinical trial options are exhausted. Essex Cancer Research will bring together Academia, Industry and NHS Secondary & Primary Care, to expand cancer research opportunities, and effectively create a research hub in the county.

Our Objectives:

  1. Widen access to cancer research opportunities in Essex
  2. Support local clinicians to initiate and undertake cancer research in Essex
  3. Promote collaboration between Academia, Industry and the NHS to create a cancer research hub in Essex
  4. Improve availability and accessibility of cancer information for patients and families living in Essex

How we will achieve that purpose

a) Raise funds:

  • to partly or fully fund discrete research activities initiated and undertaken by local clinicians
  • to enable appropriate leadership and governance of an Essex cancer research hub
  • to establish and maintain beneficial methods of access to cancer information for patients and families

b) Appoint a Clinical Research Advisory Board (our current Board can be viewed here)

  • to advise Trustees on clinical priorities for research
  • to advise Trustees on development priorities for methods of information access and content (could potentially include: written information; internet portal; information line; moderated chat rooms and weblogs; expert cancer patient/survivor programmes)

c) Appoint a Clinical Research Advisor (a very experienced adviser has been identified and appointed):

d) Engage with local Essex University Medical School, and other appropriate academic, industry and healthcare provider partners, in a manner that supports cancer research education outreach programmes for medical staff, students and emerging local cancer research advocates

e) Create a supporter network for the Charity:

  • to provide lay consultation in determining the clinical research priorities, information access methods and content priorities
  • to provide patient engagement: this may include collecting and promoting local stories and unique experiences relating to cancer, services, innovations and research
  •  to create opportunities for local people affected by cancer to effectively become involved in contributing to clinically led research that draws upon their outcomes and experiences

f) Identify and support local initiatives intended to:

  • translate research into better diagnosis, treatment and service experience
  • improve information and data collection about cancer patients for analysis, publication and research