Physical Support

At Essex Cancer Research, we recognise the importance of physical well-being during cancer treatment and recovery. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing access to resources and support services that address the physical needs of individuals affected by cancer.

From managing treatment side effects to improving overall physical fitness and quality of life, our Physical Support initiatives aim to empower patients and survivors to lead healthier, more active lives.

Remember, prioritising your physical well-being can play a crucial role in your cancer journey. Take advantage of these resources, stay active, and take care of yourself physically as you navigate through your treatment and recovery.

To access physical support services and resources, please explore the following links:

  • Macmillan Cancer Support – Exercise and Physical Activity

  • Cancer Research UK – Coping with Physical Effects of Cancer

  • Maggie’s Centres – Physical Well-being Workshops

  • NHS – Exercise After Cancer Treatment

  • The Christie – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services

These organisations offer a range of physical support services, including exercise programs, physiotherapy, rehabilitation services, and practical advice on managing physical symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment. Whether you’re looking to stay active during treatment, regain strength and mobility after surgery, or manage pain and discomfort, you’ll find valuable support through these Physical Support resources.

Physical Support

At Essex Cancer Research, we understand that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, and having a supportive community to lean on can make a world of difference. That’s why we’re proud to facilitate Patient Support Groups, where individuals affected by cancer can find comfort, understanding, and solidarity.

These support groups provide a safe and welcoming space for patients, survivors, caregivers, and loved ones to share their experiences, exchange information, and offer each other emotional support. Whether you’re looking for practical advice, emotional reassurance, or simply a listening ear, our Patient Support Groups are here for you.

To find a Patient Cancer Support Group near you, please explore the following links:

These organisations offer a range of support services, including online forums, local support groups, counselling services, and helplines. Whether you’re seeking advice on treatment options, coping strategies, or simply want to connect with others who understand what you’re going through, you’ll find a wealth of support available through these Patient Cancer Support Groups.

Remember, you’re not alone on your cancer journey. Reach out, connect with others, and let’s navigate this path together.