With a population of over a million, served by busy and modern cancer departments in Essex, the county has remained without a charitable organisation that had as its sole goal, the promotion of Cancer Research.

It is with this intent that ‘Essex Cancer Research’ has been established.

Essex Cancer Research will bring together academia, Industry and NHS hospital cancer services to expand research opportunities for cancer patients in the county.

Cancer services in this region, with state of the art facilities, have a history of robust participation in national and international clinical studies, however much needs to be done to widen opportunities and access for all.

There are well known gaps in research activity and limited access to early phase studies where all ‘standard’ and clinical trial options are exhausted. The inability to travel out of the region into central London, effectively denies access to the significant majority.

Creation of such a facility will require major infrastructural input including staffing, collaboration with teams outside of the region and partnership with industry.