User Guide

The following notes are designed to help supporters use the website. They describe its content, access and the facilities available to supporters. As well as being of interest and help to supporters, priority has been given to data protection and the security of supporters’ personal information.

Home Page – Access

The Trustee’s have decided that, particularly for security reasons, whilst development of ECR site is in progress only certain  pages  can be accessed by non-supporters until approved by all trustees and RAB supporters where required.

Whether you have or have not instructed Essex Cancer Research that your personal details may be shared with other supporters is recorded on Essex Cancer Research main database and within the website. Supporters who have not granted such permission will not be able to participate in the email facility described later in these notes. Should you wish to revise your instruction please inform ECR via email to

The Charity will continue to develop and update the website to keep up with changes. Supporters are invited at any time to submit suggestions for planned and new events or comments about how Essex Cancer Research might be improved by using the Suggestions Forum.

Supportership and Email

A schedule of supporters’ names is listed on the Supportership and Email page. Supporters’ postal addresses are not held on the website. Email addresses are recorded securely within the site to facilitate the email function but, to comply with data protection regulations, email addresses are not displayed on the site.

If you have an email address recorded within the website it is essential you keep Essex Cancer Research updated with any change to your contact details in order to participate in the email facility; and especially to receive future communications that may be circulated where possible by email.

Emailing other supporters

An email facility has been incorporated in the website enabling supporters who have given Essex Cancer Research their permission to share their personal details to email each other. It has been designed for written messages and uploading attachments.

To enable one member to email another via the website, the sender and recipient must have their email address recorded by Essex Cancer Research, and the recipient must have given permission to share their details. If either of these conditions is not met then the email facility will not operate.

The Trustee’s reserve the right to bar any member from using the email facility if they consider that its use has been abused. Inappropriate messages or language will not be tolerated.

To use the email facility:

  • go to the List of Supporters box and locate the supporter you wish to contact
  • click onto the Send Message link against their name
  • if the recipient has given permission to share their details a pop up screen will appear showing their name and a box in which you can type your message. When sent, the recipient will see your message and your email address recorded in the website. It is up to them if they wish to respond
  • if a supporter has not given their permission to share their details a message will be displayed advising the sender to make contact via Essex Cancer Charities who will forward the sender’s contact details to the intended recipient. It is up to the recipient if they wish to respond
  • if a member has not provided or does not have an email address a message advising “No email address on file” will appear.