James Cooper

Managing Director OCL Group

James is a local Essex businessman and fellow founder member of the board of trustees, James involvement with Essex Cancer Research was unfortunately due to the sad passing of his sister Tracey Cooper at the age of 36 who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2015.

James forged a close relationship with a number of Oncologists and cancer specialists including Dr K Madhavan and fellow trustees and medical advisory board members during this time.

And through a common sense of frustration with other cancer patients & family members within the Essex community at the existing accessibility to research within Essex so when asked if he would like to become involved in a Essex based cancer research charity that would allow and integrate with the local community he promptly and proudly accepted.

James is deeply committed to Essex cancer research work and, in particular the fundraising to enable the infrastructure and foundations to Progress so that the medical advisory board can undertake critical research.

James brings a number of experienced and new business concepts to Essex cancer research in order to fulfil his obligations as a trustee and is naturally and sincerely committed to the future of Essex Cancer Research.