1st November 2021

Pandemic update – MSc Conference and New Website

The commitments of the pandemic made it harder to dedicate research to cancer, and studies are already ongoing to assess the impact of the disruption on cancer care, with Essex’s hospitals contributing to this effort. Despite this, ECR’s John Bruce and Oksana Hoile attended the School of Life Sciences Cancer Biology MSc conference over Zoom in July 2021 to watch presentations by students on their research. The charity has also spent this time building resources […]
1st May 2020

Essex Cancer Research – MSc Student Cancer Research Project Prizes at the University of Essex

The Trustees of Essex Cancer Research and its Medical Advisory Board actively seek opportunities to support cancer research being undertaken in the county, and are keen to support this in academic as well as clinical settings. Dr Andrea Mohr, Lecture at the University of Essex School of Life Sciences, supervises MSc Student Cancer Research Projects. The charity is to awardprizestotalling £500 for the 2021 projects,judged to have made ‘material contributions to potential improvements in the […]
1st May 2020

Cancer Research at the University of Essex

Trustees of Essex Cancer Research were inspired by a visit in early 2020 to the University’s School of Life Sciences;hosted by Dr Greg Brooke and his faculty colleaguesDrs Antonio Marco, MetodiMetodiev, Philippe Laissue, Vladimir Teif, Ralf Zwacka and Andrea Mohr. The Trustees gained insight into research currently undertaken in the fields of ‘Cancer Genetics’, ‘Cancer Biomarkers and Proteomics’, ‘Cancer Cell Imaging’, ‘Liquid Biopsies for Cancer Detection’, and the ‘Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics’. The University […]